About Us

Alongside the winemaking team made up by Andrea Mufatto, Gerardo Michelini and their son Manuel, other members are also part of Compañía Uruguaya de Vinos de Mar’s group dynamics. Strong stamps that create synergy and personalities that provide the project with its unique character. Personal stories that give form and substance to this winemaking venture that differs from any other Uruguayan project so far.

Leo Mclean

Leo Mclean is the one offering a comprehensive vision and controlling each and every department at Compañía Uruguaya. He is vastly experienced in the start-up business development, besides his outstanding team building participatory work fulfilment skills.

Fernando y Santiago Deicas

Winemakers with extensive experience and understanding of the wine market and its market dynamics, own and run Establecimiento Juanicó.

The Estates

Compañía Uruguaya de Vinos de Mar owns a vineyard, Finca Ter Admirabilis, in Sierras de Garzón, where wines are made using grapes from select plots located in Maldonado, chosen for their great maritime influence and soil composition.

Cerro del Toro, a close neighbour to the city of Piriápolis, is another significant town where, over the years, we have selected the plots we consider special, carefully working on them afterwards.

We have previously planted many of the harvested plots on previously virgin soils, with neither treatments nor manure beforehand.

Each and every plot is individually vinified to preserve their distinctive identity expressed in the final product.